Principal's Message

"The heights achieved by great men were not achieved by sudden flight but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upwards in the night."

It is this inspiration which has given my children at KCM, Banchari, the recognition and appreciation that they so much deserve. These children have made KCM, arrive at this beautiful destination after a fruitful & eventful journey of 16 years. But like them, I too believe that this is yet another milestone crossed. There are many to come and we have a long journey ahead. Be it academic exellence, cultural expertise or sporting accumen, I'm sure that with ceaseless focussed hard work of the students, the singleminded dedication of the teaching staff, the school, KCM, Banchari will remain the best year after year after year..............

Students should see that they make full use of this handbook. It serves as an effective link between the teachers and the parents. Parents are requested to go through the hand book from time to time, so as to keep themselves informed about the quality & quantity of work attempted by their children.
Students are expected to bring the hand book every day to school. Care should be taken to keep it neaty & clean.

With blessing and the best wishes.

Sunil Arya